Buildings4Less L.L.C. Celebrating 15 Years in Business!

We are Buildings4Less, an internet-based service company offering steel structures in 46 States. And we are a Top 5 Dealer in the nation with an exclusive online quote service along with the easiest buying process you will ever come across. We have perfected our process with a Customer Service First goal being our top priority. We will impress! We also make it a mandate to offer our customers the HIGHEST QUALITY Custom Steel Buildings at the lowest possible price available. And above all, we provide our customers with the absolute best Customer Service experience they have ever had, or imagined possible. You just do not stay in business for over 15 years by providing bad customer service. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PARAMOUNT TO US! With every one of our building consultants being highly trained with a “customer service first” attitude.



In order to protect our customers we are posting this everywhere we can. Please read:

PLEASE BEWARE!! Someone is using our Company Name and our Logo to scam customers. He will NEVER message you through Instagram. Buildings4Less DOES NOT use Instagram to message our customers. We do have an account, but only because Facebook owns Instagram so that automatically added an account for us since we are a big FB advertiser. The Scammer will message you to “text him only for faster service”. He does this because he barely speaks English. And it’s obvious that he uses Google Translate for his conversations as the English he uses is improper. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAMMER. The number is will text you from is (908) 864-6349. DON’T FALL FOR IT! He is even using the ads we post on our Facebook business page. He simply copies them and puts them up on his personal Instagram account. We know it’s a personal account because our Instagram listing is the only one we have found. We have reported this scammer to the FCC. But, since it’s overseas there is nothing that can be done. So, we are doing our absolute best to warn our customers~! If you are speaking with an American, you’re not talking to us. If you can not “call”, that’s the first red flag. You can always contact us through this website, by phone, or on our FB business page. We DO NOT do business by text only. 




We help by guiding our customers through step by step to make sure their building will fit their needs. The worse thing we could do is help a customer buy a building that does not fit there needs. So, we make sure that does not happen! So please understand we will ask you a lot of questions to make sure that your building will fit all of your needs and we will help you find a great building that will fit your needs and your budget. Ask us about our most popular 30x50x12 Garage. 


  ALL buildings have never been created equal. Especially now more than ever with the recent price increases in raw materials this year, some manufacturers have had to use a lesser quality steel tubing. With most buying their steel out of China, and galvanizing only the outside of the tubing, with the inside simply painted so it’s not ALL galvanized so it’s not a matter “if” it will rust, it’s a matter of “when” it will rust. And buying galvanized steel, the point IS it does not rust. That along with less and a lower quality trim  being used. There is only one plant that still makes the ALL galvanized steel tubing and that is our primary manufacturer we use because it’s hands down the best made. So, we will always offer our customers the best we have available FIRST. But, we cannot cover 46 states with only one manufacturer so we have over 20 that we have so we can cover our 46 States Coverage Area. No matter what we are very careful who we use because when it comes down to it you are not buying a building from a manufacturer, you are buying a building from Buildings4Less. And, we will never allow short cutting a building to lower a price. We will ONLY use manufacturers across the country that only use American Made Steel. there is a huge difference and we would be happy to explain it to you. Message us/Call us or email us. We are at your service. And once you are a Buildings4Less customer, you are our customer for life and we remain at your service. While we help design your building, If what you had in mind is out or your budget we will help you design a building that will work for your needs along with your budget. THIS IS JUST WHAT WE DO! On request we will provide you with a complete quote breakdown with all payment options available to you, a to scale 3D design drawing and a floorplan layout. We provide this service to to all of our customers and there is never a charge to get one of our quotes. This is just a small part of our Customer Service concept. 

With the continuing rise in steel and material cost, prices have increased as a result, and several times this year. And most all manufacturers have started using sub-standard galvanized steel tubing for their framing with only the outside of the tubing being galvanized and the inside simply painted. That WILL begin to rust in less than a year. Now, we DO offer the cheaper made buildings so we are able to compete with any other company,  but we would much rather help our customers get the best building on the market! And, we will help you design your perfect structure. “We ARE the experts”! So, put our expertise to work for you! We will do everything possible to make sure you’re happy that you gave us the opportunity to assist you with your building needs. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PARAMOUNT WITH BUILDINGS4LESS!  Carports, Garages, Shops, Barns, Loafing Sheds, Commercial Grade Buildings and more. We have been in the custom building industry long enough to know exactly what most customers want and need, and we use our expertise to deliver to their total satisfaction. This we have done with almost all of our customers coming back for more, and even referring their friends and family. Rent To Own with NO credit check available in most states! Easy down, easy short terms. Bank financing with approved credit also available. Contact us anytime or request a no obligation quote today! We will provide a complete breakdown along with a to scale 3D design drawing with all payment methods on the same easy to read and understand. Our customers know EXACTLY what they are getting when they buy from us so there is never any confusion or mistakes! You will get exactly what you ordered! 


Our primary focus is to work within your budget limits while satisfying you – our customer at the same time, because we understand that is what really matters at the end of the day. We love to help our customers design the perfect building to fit their needs and budget. This is NOT a sideline for us, IT’S ALL WE DO!  And, we are VERY GOOD at what we do! Plus, our customer service never ends. We are there for our customers before, during and for years after their building has been installed. Once you are a Buildings4Less customer, you are our customer for life and we remain at our customers service!

We service 46 States across this great nation!  And we offer Rent To Own/No Credit Check in most states we service and have Bank Financing in every state we service! And you can qualify with as low as a 600 minimum credit score! With up to $100k with terms up to 10 years available with rates starting at 4.9%! Check out the links on our “Carports/Garage/Shops” Page.


We have over 15 years experience in the building industry and we know how the industry has evolved over the past decade, and you can be certain we have evolved with it, even staying ahead of the many changes and we can and will help you find the perfect building while saving you time and money. Still wonder why you should consider Buildings4Less over other dealers out there? Here are just a few reasons


  • Highly (and best Trained, Professional & Friendly Staff Always Happy to Assist our Customers.
  • Exclusive, super fast & easy online ordering process that our customers love!
  • Great exclusive QUOTES, with complete breakdowns and to scale 3D design drawings and floor plan lay outs provided with every quote. NEVER AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE!.
  • We Only Use the Best Manufacturers & Installers
  • Some of The Fastest Delivery Times Across The US
  • ONLY the BEST material is used on our structures.
  • We always put our customers first

  • You can always reach us during normal business hours
  • We Always Return Phone Calls, Messages and Emails
  • Some Of The Best Bank Financing Around.

*Servicing 46 states, pricing will vary by state due to higher transportation & material costs of some parts of the country.